Itching to get into the workplace? Discover how an apprenticeship with us could help you take the first step in your career.

Earn while you learn with us

We are passionate about employing apprentices and we know that apprenticeships can help more people develop their skills and become a part of our future workforce.
What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is a job with training both in the workplace and with an education provider (college or university). They are work-based training programmes where you can earn a salary, gain a new qualification, knowledge and learn key skills. Programmes will run between one and two years depending on the course, but in some cases, there may be an opportunity for progression to higher levels of apprenticeships or other forms of study.

What support will I get? 
All apprentices will have access to: 
  • Regular supervision and support with their line manager. 
  • Day-to-day support from colleagues, peers and an assessor through the college/university. 
  • Opportunity to apply for jobs within the council and support in doing so. 
  • Access to a wide range of in-house training opportunities. 
  • Access to workplace coaching and other shadowing opportunities. 
What’s in it for you? 
  • Earn whilst you learn. Not only will you gain a valuable qualification you will also earn a wage whilst doing so. 
  • You will work in a diverse and interesting environment, providing a service to the local community. 
  • A worked-based training qualification will not only demonstrate your competence in doing a job but will also help you to develop valuable transferable skills, knowledge and abilities. 
  • Generous terms and conditions, such as paid annual leave and pension contributions from your first day. We know a pension is probably the last thing you are thinking about when starting out, but it’s never too early to start saving. 
  • You will be in a supportive work environment with a dedicated mentor throughout your training. 
  • You will have access to work-based coaching, support and next steps career advice will be offered to you. 
  • You will have peer support and networking opportunities. These regular events will help you get the most out of working for us, will link you with other apprentices and help you make new friends. 
  • Access a range of in-house training courses. 
  • It could lead to a permanent job with us. 
  • Opportunity to study with local training providers wherever possible. 
We will have apprentices in a variety of business departments, all of which will be advertised on our website and also on the National apprentice service website. All apprentices will follow a structured programme of training and development, providing an excellent work-based experience. Apprentices will have a dedicated mentor within their department as well as the support from an education provider, where they will carry out the apprenticeship classroom-based sessions. 
“I had heard good feedback from several Council colleagues who had undertaken the same apprenticeship and I saw this as an opportunity to hone my skills and learn new techniques. ”
Pauline, Head of Applications, IT Services

What Pauline said about doing an apprenticeship at Torbay

I was asked to do the CMI Level 5 Apprenticeship in Operational Management and Leadership when I was promoted to my current role. The apprenticeship helped me realise that I was actually doing a lot of things right and I was able to use a lot of work-based examples in my course work. This, along with new-found skills, tools and techniques, gave me increased confidence in my abilities at work, especially in areas I had previously struggled with, such as large meetings and interactions with senior colleagues. 

I received support from council colleagues who had already done the course, plus others who provided material for coursework, as well as a council and external mentor - both with backgrounds in IT. The support from the team at South Devon College was also much appreciated, especially at the points where I was struggling.

What I had not appreciated was the amount of time required. As well as spending a significant amount of time at work on the apprenticeship, I was also spending about 20 hours per week on coursework. On reflection, I would say my preference would have been to have done the apprenticeship earlier in my career, before I became so busy in a senior role. The downside of doing that might have been that I wouldn’t have had so much real-life experience to include in my coursework, so my recommendation to anyone considering an apprenticeship would be to find a happy medium. 

“The council has been incredibly supportive of both of my apprenticeship journeys, ensuring that I have enough time set aside to complete my assignments and exams. ”
Chloe, Procurement Officer

What Chloe said about doing an apprenticeship at Torbay

I started working at the council as a Business Support Apprentice in 2015. Upon completing my apprenticeship, I successfully applied for a Business Support role, where I stayed for a number of years. I became a Procurement Officer in 2019 and have recently been supported to undertake a further apprenticeship to obtain my Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Level 4 Diploma.

The council has been incredibly supportive of both of my apprenticeship journeys, ensuring that I have enough time set aside to complete my assignments and exams. In both teams, there is a culture of learning and support and I am always encouraged ask questions where I’m unsure with a particular assignment. I also use what I have learned through my apprenticeship to pose alternative solutions to problems or current processes. This has been paramount in my apprenticeship journey and my overall professional development.

I have enjoyed undertaking both apprenticeships with the Council and have felt that they have really assisted with my career and continuous development. An apprenticeship is something that I would strongly recommend anyone doing, whether you’re fresh out of college or university, or wanting to change career path.